Originally the tender to KELPIE, the 2017 built SIREN established her own identity as the Hamptons first private boat charter certified to carry over 6 passengers (she’s Coast Guard certified for 16 guests).

SIREN’s teak accents and classic, yacht club launch style combined with Kelpie Yacht Charter’s attention to detail and service make this bateau the most stylish water taxi to travel the Hamptons waterways.

Certifications and Licenses

Coast Guard regulations for a T-Boat (SIREN’s Coast Guard classification) are stringent and unapologetic. Skippers are part of a drug consortium, complying with random testing anywhere in the world. In addition, they have been trained extensively in fire-fighting, life-saving, crowd control and crisis management by U.S. Coast Guard certified schools.

All skippers hold licenses exceeding the required. While SIREN barely reaches 4 tons, her skippers hold a minimum of 100-ton Masters licenses for Inspected Passenger Vessels internationally.

We look forward to pampering you out on the water about the lovely SIREN water taxi.

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