Common Questions

Many guests have questions prior to booking a private boat charter. Please read our common questions and answers below and contact us with any additional questions.

Is the launch the same as a water taxi?

Yup!  Well, maybe more like Uber…  All boat charters are private — it will just be you, your friends and the skipper aboard the SIREN water taxi.

Do you ever mix groups?

No.  All passages are private.

Is there a bathroom aboard?

Nope.  Please take into account before boarding!

Is there shade?

Yes and no.  While we’re still contemplating the chicest way to provide shade, we offer parasols in the meantime.

What if we’re late getting to the dock?

Please note SIREN keeps a very tight schedule.  As accommodating as we are (and as much as we love you!), we need to consider our next guests and cannot make up for lost time on the other end.

Can we bring food/drink?

Of course!  But please consider our recommendations, as we’ve contemplated everything from SIREN’s speed, the wind, sun and temperature in choosing the best bites to accompany you on your cruise.

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